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What is the opinion on SARM?

SARMs are the most effective thing I have tried after steroids!

You will optimize the flow of excess calories and turn them into lean muscle, very lean muscle!

SARMs supplements are definitely not at the level of anabolic steroids, but they do bring solid results, with minimum to non negative side effects.

It will take you about 2 weeks to see changes in the mirror.

The good thing is that you can take SARM for a specific purpose, if you want to gain 2 to 3 kilograms(6-9lbs) of muscle mass it is quite possible to achieve it in about 6 weeks!

I know it sounds unrealistic, but SARMs target selectively the androgen receptors based on there purpose and are 3 times more anabolic than steroids, which means they start working immediately after intake. 

SARMs target so specifically the right androgen receptors, that In our days they are used in secret by top athletes.

The most recent athletes found with SARMs are:

  • Alexander Povetkin - Heavyweight Boxer, and Anthony Joshua's contender for the 2018 World Title. Tested positive for Ostarine MK2866 ,SARM for increased strength and explosiveness, as well as for strengthening joints and bones.
  • Jarrel Miller - Heavyweight boxer, and Anthony Joshua opponent for the 2019 world title. Tested positive for Cardarine (Cardarine GW501516), SARM for weight control, fat burning and extreme endurance and explosiveness.
  • Nate Diaz - UFC Champion 2019, Tested positive for Ligandrol LGD4033, the top SARM to increase muscle mass and prevent injuries by strengthening bone and muscle structure. 
  • Ricky Gerard - CrossFit Champion for 2017, tested positive for Testolone RAD140, SARM developed as an alternative to the anabolic hormone Testosterone and Cardarine (Cardarine GW501516), SARM predisposing the body to burning fat and utilising fat stores.

Due to their selectivity, with the appropriate SARM product, you can adapt your muscle fibers to work with more weight.

You will be able to stimulate the development of the musculature and shape it in a firmer and more pronounced form.

When looking at the mirror you will notice the separation and sculpting of the muscle fibers that have not been there before. Most importantly, your muscles will not only look beautiful, but also function much better.

сарм мение imusclebg

Here is a special questionnaire for you, it will help you choose the right product according to what you want to achieve with SARM supplements.

You can also contact us directly on +447598665437 for more questions, and write to us on WhatsApp and Viber.

Continue reading  below and you will understand absolutely all the positives, negatives and most importantly, you will see the opinions of people who have already used SARM supplements.

For your convenience, we have structured our article, and if you don't have time to read everything, you can emphasise what interests you:

 How will SARM help with your goals?

The most important thing for you when using a product like SARM is to know what you want to achieve: 

  • Do you want to get faster and more endurance.
  • Improve your impact strength and mobility of your joints in combat sports.
  • Or just increase lean muscle mass and burn fat.

 Once you are clear about what you want to accomplish, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the SARM supplements as well, and more precisely how they will give you what you need.

So what are SARMs? These are Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators ...


It is quite difficult to remember or make any sense, we will look at the meaning of each word.


  • Selective - Shortly, SARMs develop as substitutes for anabolic steroids in hormone therapy. The goal of SARM supplements in this field is to allow for a personalised method of hormone therapy:

For example, tissues that are the target of therapy will respond as they would with anabolic steroids, but SARMs will not affect any secondary organs, minor genital organs and will save side effects.

  • Androgen Receptor Modulators - Androgens are male hormones, such as Testosterone, responsible for the development of male characteristics. The Androgen Receptors themselves are located in many cells and tissues, such as muscle tissues, and are responsible for the development of reproductive capacity, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, immune and neural systems. This means that SARM supplements stimulate the action of hormones, such as Testosterone in androgen receptors, and model or alter muscle tissue.

After clarifying what SARMs are and how they work, we will look at what purposes are most commonly used.

The best SARMs for muscle mass with an effect of up to 6 weeks

Do you want to develop your muscle structure to the absolute maximum?

To style your muscle fibers, with pronounced separations and volume that fills your clothes?

If the answer is YES, continue reading to find out which SARMs combinations are best for you.

Which stack will bring the fastest results for a beginner?

First, let's clarify what we mean by a beginner.

You may consider yourself a beginner if you have never taken SARM or other android products, such as steroids or pro-hormones. This makes your androgen receptors extremely sensitive to anything new.

Your task will be to achieve maximum results with minimal amounts of chemicals!

 After clarifying this, let's move on to the SARM stack itself.

The SARM stack Ostarine MK2866, Ibutamoren MK677 and Ligandrol LGD4033 is undoubtedly our most popular stack for beginners. It will be able to provide you with muscle mass growth with an unrealistic seemingly 6 kilograms in less than 6 weeks.

The best part is that the muscle fiber development is permanent and no more than 2 kilograms will be - glycogen accumulated or as we say in the gym 'water retention'. This means that you will be able to retain at least 77.3% of your achievement.

Of course, this is not all to see the individual positives of each product, with which it contributes to your goals below.

Ostarine MK2866

Ideal for restoring and maintaining muscle mass. Its main function is to protect the body from injuries by strengthening muscle fibers, strengthening joints and tissues.

imuscle sarms - ostarine muscle tissue

This makes it the perfect SARM for anyone looking for a high-quality, lean muscle mass.

Ostarine also dramatically increases strength and explosiveness, so it is widely used in combat sports such as Boxing, Kick Boxing, Brazilian JiuJitsu, Sambo, Judo, and generally MMA.

View information about Ostarine MK2866 in detail

Ligandrol LGD4033

This is one of the best SARM products to increase high volume muscle mass and strength in no time.

Ligandrol is a SARM that dramatically increases muscle mass and is quite often similar to steroids of Dianabol's caliber.

imuscle sarms - ligandrol muscle tissue

The difference is that Ligandrol works selectively and does not affect minor organs, while Dianabol quickly causes hormonal imbalances and loads of unwanted side effects.

 Take a closer look at the information on Ligandrol LGD4033

Ibutamoren MK677(Nutrabol)

We've come to everyone's favourite being beginner or pro! Ibutamoren MK677, known also as Nutrabol.

ibutamoren mk677 imuscle sarms tissue muscle

This is the SARM that increases the production of growth hormone, improving the user's deep sleep and stimulating the pituitary gland to produce up to 300% more HGH.

Already during the first 7 days of intake, a larger amount of muscle is noticed due to the huge glycogen reserves that Ibutamoren provides.

Ibutamoren MK677 is a SARM that is able to increase the effectiveness of any other product that combines with 150% as it provides you with the perfect anabolic environment for muscle growth.

Take a closer look at the information on Ibutamoren MK677

Each of these SARM supplements plays a key role in the development of your muscle fiber, strength and injury prevention.

Of course, the best and fastest effect comes with their combination, but taking these SARMs individually will also produce satisfactory results!

If you are not sure about your choice of SARM products or have other questions related to them, you can contact us directly on +447598665437 and write to us on WhatsApp and Viber

After discussing the optimal beginner stack, it's time to raise the level!

What combinations are suitable for the advanced?

First, let's formulate a definition of advanced.

You are advanced if you have already taken SARM or other Androgenic products, such as anabolic steroids and pro-hormones. You have significantly large reserves of muscle mass.


If this is you, these SARM supplements will help your body to cross its genetic barrier and with the addition of new, permanent muscle fibers.

Let's take a look at the SARM stack itself.

Testolone RAD140, YK11, Ibutamoren MK677, this is a special stack for advanced.

The combination of these SARM supplements interacts with and inhibits myostatin (a protein that is responsible for the amount of muscle mass that can naturally build up in your body),

Raises your own growth hormone levels by up to 300% and keeps your body in an anabolic mode . 

In short, the atmosphere these SARM supplements create is a recipe for 100% success.=

Visually you will notice a difference after 7 days of taking. You will experience an immediate increase in strength, muscle volume and your desire to exercise.

This is about completely changing your genetic structure, even if you have absolutely no genetic potential to build muscle, this combination of SARMs will guarantee you success.

 Now let's look at the products in this SARMs stack separately.


This SARM supplement is quite interesting because it genetically drives the body to build new muscle fibers. YK11 accomplishes this by inhibiting the myostatin in your body, which is responsible for regulating the amount of muscle mass you can carry. Similar selectivity is observed in the Belgian Blue Bulls.

Through manipulation of myostatin, these animals developed double musculature. Because of this, YK11 can significantly increase your muscle mass, even without a strict workout regimen.

Take a closer look at the information on YK11

Ibutamoren MK677

We have already discussed the functionality of Ibutamoren in the Beginner Stack. This SARM is also suitable for the advanced because its unique ability to increase growth hormone by up to 300% makes the products with which it is combined 3 times more effective. The first signs of it’s effect will be seen after 3 - 4 days of taking.

 Take a closer look at the information on Ibutamoren MK677

Testolone RAD140

You want an alternative to Testosterone? This is the best you can get from SARM supplements. The name of this Testolone RAD140 SARM is eloquent enough.

The anabolic to androgenic action of this SARM is 90: 1, compared to that of testosterone - 1: 1.

What does that mean? RAD140 is 90 times more anabolic than testosterone, with minimal chance of side effects. The effects of Testolone are noticeable quickly and do not need to be taken for more than 6 weeks.

 Take a closer look at the information on Testolone RAD140

Contact us if you still have doubts about choosing the right products. Call directly on +447598665437, or write to Whatsapp and Viber.

Best Sarm for fast weight loss without yo - yo effect

This is a pretty catchy subject as there are many products on the market that promise quick effects, weight loss without dieting, and loads of absurd claims you want to hear and believe, but the truth is different ...

imuscle sarms uk fat guy burning fat 

Let's clarify one thing. There is NO magic pill to lose weight, you can do nothing and get a satisfactory result.

Most weight loss products that give you this '' ALWAYS '' effect are diuretics. They cause your body to dehydrate and thus you can lose 4-6 pounds in a few days.

After all, these are fluids stored in your body - not fat. Side effects can be serious, such as blood and kidney problems, or minor such as headaches and dizziness.

How exactly will SARM supplements help you burn fat quickly?

The advantage you will receive from them is huge. The speed at which you lose weight can be disturbing to you, but do not be afraid, the effect is permanent and you will not regain the weight you lost.

First and foremost, SARMs products speed up your metabolic processes, causing your body to process the calories you are consuming with maximum efficiency. That way, the chance of losing extra pounds is almost zero.

SARMs products also block (not completely) the body's function from accumulating excess calories in the form of fat. This means that you will have a lot of energy that you can use for cardio and triple your results.

SARM supplements keep your body in perfect fat burning mode from 5 to 7 pounds for 6 weeks of intake, they are quite achievable.

There will be results, but you are the one who depends on the power of their effect! If you need help with your choice, do not hesitate to call us directly on +447598665437 or message us on Whatsapp or Viber.

Which SARMs stacks are best for weight loss?

Which combination will help me clear the fat most quickly?

The SARMs supplements you need to take for this purpose will help you burn fat quickly and refine your muscles.

For best results, we recommend keeping a low calorie intake as your main source of calories will be protein.

Complying with this regime, without SARM supplements, there will be quite a few negatives.

  • You will feel tired and demotivated,
  • Extremely annoyed
  • With zero desire for any workout.

 The worst part is that when on low calorie diet,  after a week your body goes into a state of self-storage, your metabolism slows down and your results gradually decrease.

When you stop and start eating normally, the body cannot accelerate the metabolic processes quickly enough and the result is a so-called yo-yo effect.

And what happens when you add SARMs supplements?

To put it simply, they are selectively targeting the problems we have described. They support your metabolism at high speeds and this causes you to lose twice as much weight.

They keep your body in anabolic mode and prevent your muscles from disappearing. And above all, you will have high energy levels and can easily lift weights or do cardio.

We will be glad to help you with your choice, you can contact us directly on +447598665437, or via a message in Whatsapp or Viber.

Combinations with 100% guaranteed effect are Cardarine GW501516, Andarine S4, Ostarine MK2866 and Ibutamoren MK677.

We will now look at these products up close to choose the most appropriate combination of SARM supplements for you.

Cardarine GW501516 (Endurabol)

Or as some call it ''The King of Cardio ''! Why is the king of cardio? Cardarine is a unique SARM that works with the 2 types of muscle fibers you have in your body. Those responsible for strength and explosiveness. Imagine a sprinter, boxer or Cross-fitter. These are athletes who need explosiveness and strength

 Cardarine GW501516 boosts the flow of oxygen and blood to the muscle fibers, which in turn gives you an influx of energy that you can direct in a high impact, lift heavy objects, sprint and more.

Cardarine also helps ease the breakdown of fat and use it as a source of energy from your body. This feature, combined with the explosiveness and the force with which it charges the muscles, imparts tremendous endurance to the muscle fibers.

You can do long cardio workouts without almost any fatigue. This is one of the main methods by which this SARM will destroy your fat.

 This SARM is quite effective, learn more about Cardarine GW501516 click here.

 Andarine S4

 SARM that resembles Anavar's action! But Andarine also has a secret weapon ...

In addition to keeping your body in an anabolic mode that allows you to maintain muscle mass in a calorie deficit or increase muscle mass, in case you have enough calories, Andarine does something much more interesting.

This SARM blocks the body's ability to direct excess calories to fat deposits. Simply Andarine prevents you from increasing fat and redirects calories to muscle tissue, which prevents atrophy (disappearance) at low calories and stimulates hypertrophy (growth).

 This SARM is quite underrated, you learn more about Andarine S4.

 And what SARM supplements are appropriate for athletes?

The fact is that it the market of bodybuilder supplements is oversaturated,  trying to look very promising and impressive. As when they walk on the street and the ground under them is cracking, as if they have an open umbrella shoved up the back side, instilling respect with their big arms and huge necks...

But are there any SARMs supplements for those of us who prefer to replace large biceps with tight, supple and effective muscles?

imuscle uk mma fighters ufc 2020 sarms

For those of us who prefers to be explosive and mobile instead of clumsy?

For those of us who wants to be durable and in excellent condition, instead of looking like a wax figure without any efficiency?

 For those who prefer quality over quantity. We are talking about all of you martial arts athletes!

 You probably know that Alexander Povetkin (legendary heavyweight boxer) was tested positive of using a not-so-popular drug,  MK2866 Ostarine, some time ago.

You must have heard of Nate Diaz (One of the most famous fighters in the UFC), his doping test came positively for Ligandrol  LGD 4033.

Or the opponent of world-famous Anthony Joshua, Jarl Miller, who was caught with Cardarine GW501516?

We wonder if fighters of this rank would leave things to chance?

 Don’t think so ... It is clear to everyone that they and their specialist teams would only choose the best and the best working.

There are quite a few other big names in the fighting world entrusted them self’s to supplements, but we won’t be mentioning all.

Let's get to the bottom - what are those SARM supplements that help you on the ring and almost no one talks about them? 

Why are they staying in the shadows?

We will divide the products into 3 categories - Strength and Muscle, Explosiveness, Conditioning and Recovery.

Strength and Muscle Mass

There are two main products used by athletes, especially those involved in martial arts and they are Ostarine MK2866 and Ligandrol LGD4033.

The function of the 2 SARM supplements is similar. They aim to increase strength and lean muscle mass without water retention, which is important for compliance with the category.

What is unique about these 2 products is that they also strengthen the bone structure, joints and tendons. This dramatically reduces the chance of injury and maintains mobility.

 You can read more about Ostarine and its functionality here, and about Ligandrol here.

Explosiveness and Condition 

"It's not about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward!" - Sylvester Stallone (Rocky)

The SARM supplement Cardarine GW501516 will improve the endurance and power of your muscle fibers after the first intake. Which means you will be faster, more nimble and more hopeful, an hour after your first intake.

Cardarine achieves this by enhancing the flow of oxygen and blood to type 1 and 2 muscle fibers. This makes you more effective instantly. This way you can optimize your body and work at full speed without feeling tired.

You can read more about Cardarine and its functionality here.


You recover your body through food and, most of all, through sleep. Deep sleep is the signal to your body to produce growth hormone, which actually helps repair micro-breaks in muscle fibers and trauma.

The real growth hormone is an expensive luxury that not everyone can afford. The Sarm supplement Ibutamoren MK677, a substitute for synthetic growth hormone, comes to the rescue.

Ibutamoren stimulates the pituitary gland in your body and triggers a 300% increase in your own production of growth hormone. This gives you a huge lead in the recovery process, less need for sleep and more time for workouts! 

Are there any opinions about SARMs from real users?

This question may seem strange to you, but a lot of the information on the internet has been manipulated by marketers.

It is for this reason that many people think that marketers write reviews for their products themselves…

Most are completely right, many marketers write reviews for their SARMs supplements themselves because the opinion of someone else like you who bought this product is the main thing that can make you buy it too.

That is why we have created an open group in which our clients discuss their views on SARM supplements.

Opinions are both positive and negative. It is these SARMs opinions that may be most useful to you and your choice.

We can also help you contact us if you still have doubts directly on +447598665437, or write to Whatsapp and Viber. Or just join the SARM group and see what everyone else thinks.

How to do a SARMs cycle for best and fast effect

Many stores and retailers from whom you can buy SARMs supplements advise taking products for cycle length of 3 to 4 months…

This is insane and the only reason the cycle is so long is for you to buy more products than you need. Neither you will benefit from such a long cycle nor will you have a better effect and now we will tell you why ... 

SARMs supplements interact with androgen receptors, which automatically means that if the androgen receptor itself is saturated, it won't matter what amount or how long you take the SARM supplements, the effect will be null.

We advise you to take SARM products for no more than 6 weeks with mandatory mini breaks. 

What is a mini breaks? In this case, after 6 weeks cycle, a minimum of 3 weeks of rest (ie ½ of the time spent in a cycle) will follow. In this way, the functionality of the androgen receptors will be preserved and maximum results will be achieved with minimal uptake time.

This minimalizes the risk of side effects and, most importantly, preserves the functionality of your androgen receptors. 

But each SARM is specific and some products are possible to be used longer times. You can take a look at the cycle suggestions for each product here or ask your questions directly on +447598665437 or message us on Whatsapp or Viber.

What side effects can you expect?

The most frequently asked question for us is - '' Does SARMs suppress testosterone production '' and the short answer to this question is NO.

SARMs work selectively without affecting the reproductive organs and therefore do not cause hormonal imbalance.

With long cycles or an overdose of SARMs, your body may reduce your free testosterone levels (the one already produced) due to the fact that SARMs play a role in occupying the receptors. 

However, this does not impair the function of the testesticals to produce testosterone. 

When the SARMS cycle completes, free testosterone levels return to normal within 2 weeks.

There are also more specific and powerful SARM products, such as YK11, which has a different molecular structure and can cause more suppression. 

There are other types of SARM, such as Cardarine and Ibutamoren, which have absolutely no effect on testosterone.

You can learn more about the side effects of any SARM by contacting us directly on +447598665437 by messaging us on Whatsapp and Viber. We also provide you with a link to every SARM in which you can read more about its side effects.

Origin and quality of SARMs

Many marketers declare different origins of their SARM products, and for that reason you see the common '' inspiring '' inscriptions: 


The truth is that 95% of all pharmaceutical production is actually made, that is, synthesized and acquired in Asia.

Yes… Just because it is economically viable, as there is a greater production capacity, equipment, and technical knowledge. 

The next step or so-called '' MADE IN '' is the process of tableting, encapsulating, blistering, packaging and more.

These processes are final and this allows the trader to claim that the product itself is made in the right place. But the truth is, it's just packed there.

We test our batches before being sold in registered laboratories:

  • Cardarine Test
  • Ostarin Test
  • Ibutamorne Test
  • Ligandrol Test
  • Andarin Test
  • Testolone Test
  • YK11 Test


  • True SARM supplements definitely work!
  • The visual effect of most SARMs can be seen after 7 days of taking
  • SARMs are not at the level of anabolic steroids, but they do not have their side effects.
  • There is an increasing use of SARM supplements in professional sports disciplines

 Their main benefit in the fitness industry is faster weight gain and fat burning. Their increased use in professional sports disciplines is due to their quick action and their short half-life. This allows athletes to quickly reach their goals and avoid doping.

 Sarms are definitely not at the level of anabolic steroids, but they do not have their side effects. This makes them more suitable for athletes and people who just want to achieve fitness goals as quickly as possible with minimal effects on the hormonal balance of the body.


For more information you can contact us directly on +447598665437 and message us on Whatsapp and Viber.

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