Ostarine MK-2866 Most Popular SARM in Italy for 2020

'' SARM Ostarine MK2866 increased 1.4 kg of muscle mass ''

Effective even without exercise, according to the results of a controlled study of GTx at the National Institutes of Health in the United States.

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Is this statement real? The short answer is yes! Keep reading to find out why and how a cycle with SARM Ostarine MK 2866 will help you gain muscle mass and in what time frame this will happen.

The reviews for Ostarine MK-2866 are that it is the most proven and harmless  SARМ (selective modulator of androgen receptors) on the market. With distinctive effectiveness, even in doses containing only 3 mg!


It is no longer a secret that Ostarine is most widely used in professional sports. Examples for such athletes are Alexander Povetkinheavyweight boxer, and Anthony Joshua's opponent for the 2018 world title.

 The last mentioned, Miller, was caught in a cycle with the exact sarm Ostarine (Ostarine MK-2866), which serves to increase strength and explosiveness, as well as to strengthen joints and bones.

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Taking MK 2866 is ideal for improving strength and, most importantly, preventing injuries and maintaining muscle functionality.

This means you will be able to move with ease and stability and you will not be limited even when increasing the volume of muscle fibers.

Despite its widespread use in sports now, the main goal of the cycle with Ostarina MK 2866 was to treat serious diseases that cause muscle mass to degrade. Diseases such as Osteoporosis and Cancer


Let's look at clinical studies for Ostarin.

Clinical studies on the effect of SARM Ostarine.

The controlled clinical study was conducted on a group of 113 men and women over the age of 45. Ostarine was taken for 6 months in doses not exceeding 3 mg. 

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The goal was to prevent muscle and bone degradation caused by advanced stages of cancer.

The old practice of treatment included androgenic steroids such as testosterone, which increase muscle mass.


However, due to the lack of selectivity in the tissues they affect, steroids also cause side effects, which is why they are replaced by SARM.


In this case, the substituent is a cycle with the SARM mentioned above - Ostarine MK 2866.


Part of a new class of non-steroidal, tissue-specific anabolic agents that have the potential to increase muscle mass and improve physical function.

SARM supplements do this without side effects on prostate, skin or hair. These side effects are usually associated with testosterone or other non-selective, synthetic anabolic steroids.


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The study results show an average increase in muscle fiber of 1.4 kg, without any heavy physical activity.


Patients gave positive feedback on the effect of Ostarin and did not show any signs of side effects from MK 2866.


Just because of his selective ability, lack of side effects and proven effectiveness, Ostarin is beginning to be highly applicable in professional sports.


Professional athletes already on Ostarina MK-2866?

Yes! But the more important question is WHO and WHY?


First of all:

In higher doses of 15-30 mg cycle with one of the best SARM supplements - Ostarina MK 2866 can quickly improve strength, explosiveness and even increase lean muscle mass. Also, to protect us from injuries. 

Остарин МК2866 Александър поветкин imuclebg

Take, for example, the heavyweight boxer Alexander Povetkin.

He gave a positive sample for Ostarin 2866, 24 hours before the match against former champion Berman Stivern.

Why did Alexander Povetkin decide to have a cycle with Ostarin MK-2866, how would this SARM supplement help him?


Ostarine is an original SARM that has the unique ability to heal and strengthen joints, muscle fibers and bones.


This automatically means that Alexander Povetkin's chance of injury was reduced by 90%.

Also, taking Ostarin MK2866 quickly increases the strength and explosiveness of muscle fibers.

In other words, the Ostarine cycle will help the athlete to gain only lean muscle mass, to remain lighter and more mobile. Still, nevertheless there will be increased levels of strength and explosiveness in the strikes he inflicts!


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There are reviews that SARM supplements like Ostarine MK2866 are also quite popular in Crossfit. Athletes such as Hinrick Igni, Sean Ramirez and Katie Trombetta have tested positive for it.

Crossfit is a multifunctional sport combining endurance, strength and explosiveness. This causes athletes to resort to a cycle with Ostarin MK 2866, which in the first place preserves their joints and bone structure and relieves them from injuries.



The SARM cycle, such as Ostarine mk-2866, drastically increases strength and muscle mass, keeps the body in anabolic mode and allows athletes to always be in top condition for competitions.

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It is already clear that professional athletes are looking for the best and therefore rely on SARMs.


But is taking Ostarine suitable for ordinary people who just play sports for health and fitness?

What are the reviews and opinions about Ostarine MK-2866?

We always try to satisfy your needs! That's why we have prepared an open,  where you can post reviews about Ostarine MK 2866 and other products.


• Are you interested in something about Ostarine?

• What can you expect from a cycle with it?

• Need a piece of advice on how to use it?

• Want to know the best combinations with Ostarine?

• You want to know what is the most effective cycle with MK 2866

• Or you just do not believe in its effect and want to hear what other users like you think about this SARM?

- "What is the origin of your SARMs"?

What SARM supplements are used to stack Ostarine for the best effect

Ostarine is a major SARM that can be stacked with other SARMs and improve their performance.

The perfect SARM stack with Ostarine for a quick and easy increase in muscle mass is its combination with Ligandrol LGD 4033 and Ibutamoren MK 677 changes will occur in the first 2 weeks.

Other popular SARM stacks are Ostarine MK2866 with Cardarin and  Аndarin for lean muscle mass.

Ostarine MK2866 ,Andarine S4 e Cardarine GW501516

"Proven Origin" of original SARMs

This has always been something that retailers use to attract customers, but it's not right and here's why… 


SARM supplements such as Ostarine MK 2866 are not yet qualified as a medicine or supplement, i.e., they do not have official status.

What does this mean for you? This means that the SARMs do not have quality control, because there is no authority to control them, as they do not fit either as a food supplement or as a medicine.

Label inscriptions such as:





They are nothing more than indicators of where the final product is actually made or, more precisely, PACKAGED. And 90% of the raw materials for the products come from Asia, because there are more capacity and equipment for production.

The only way to ensure the quality of a product is to do an individual test like this.

Another fairly common practice for increasing sales is the recommendation from retailers for too long use of the products…

Take a look The test shows the product; in our case, the pure raw material of each batch is tested.

Our Ostarine with one of the most competitive prices and quality in Bulgaria.

Effective and safe cycle when taking Ostarine MK2866

Ostarin MK-2866 is a SARM supplement that acts quickly and does not take too long to show a satisfactory result.

In short, Ostarin interacts with the Androgen receptors in your body. And you have a certain number and a certain level of receptor sensitivity.


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What does this mean? This means that a shorter cycle of Ostarin, for example, 30 mg daily for 4 to 6 weeks, will allow you to get the maximum positives. Without oversaturating your receptors.

When your androgen receptors become oversaturated, the point in taking the supplement for a long time becomes meaningless because the effect of even a higher dose will be almost zero.

The only thing you will achieve is to empty your pocket and fill someone else's!

Be sensible and achieve maximum results in minimum time!

For your convenience, we have built the most effective and safe way of intake.

Rest after such a cycle with Ostarine should last at least 3 weeks.

Ostarine Cycles Dosages



How to take them

Daily Dosage

Active life 


4-6 weeks

On empty stomach; 20 mins before or 60 mins after eating 

1 a day

32 hours


4-6 weeks

On empty stomach; 20 mins before or 60 mins after eating 

1 a day


And after the cycle, will there be side effects and what can you take to prevent them?

Side effects of Ostarine

What side effects can you expect from Ostarine MK2866?


Ostarine is the most studied and harmless SARM, but in higher doses and for longer than recommended, it can affect free testosterone.

What does this mean?

Since Ostarine has similar properties to testosterone, it may take up a place in androgen receptors.

This does not mean that testosterone production will decrease, but that the body will not use a percentage of the available hormone. By taking Ostarin mk2866 you will achieve a much more selective and anabolic effect.

This should not cause any "feeling" while you are taking Ostarine.

But after you stop taking it, there will be at least 1 week in which MK2866 will have to release the receptors and at least another 1 in which free testosterone will bind to them.

During this situation, you may lose some percentage of your muscle mass and strength.

To prevent this, it is not necessary to do therapy after a cycle but to follow the recommended dose and cycle of intake.

Our conclusion about Ostarin MK-2866

Ostarine is widely used and safe in 95% of cases. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced and has applications in professional sports disciplines.

Retailers need to test their batches, as sometimes suppliers send them products that do not match their content and can be harmful to the end-user.

Everyone is different and it is possible for someone to feel the effects of Ostarine more strongly than others, as they are genetically predisposed and have more androgen receptors.

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